Modeling a 3D orc with Lightwave 3D

Chapter 1 - Orc blueprint setting

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Create with your favourite painting program a side view and a front view of the orc. It doesn't have to be very detailed, i prefer add detail directly on the model, here we need only the guidelines.

The orc speedy drawing

Next i adjust brightness/contrast (i prefer doing this in the painting program, not directly in Modeler).

Adjusting brightness/contrast of the drawing

Split vertical the image, and save the two half as jpeg files. Open modeler, on main menu choose "Display" then on teh left choose "View Options". Open backdrop dialog, choose BL (or where you have your frontal view) then load image and load your orc frontal view.

The display options panel

I've set the resolution to 1024 and the other settings like shown on the image.

The display options panel

Ok, now open backdrop dialog again, choose BR (or where you have your side view) and load your orc side view. Use the same settings as frontal view.

The display options panel

This should be the result:

The final orc blueprint

Final step is to save the backdrop preset, so you don't have to set again everytime. Again on the backdrop dialog, choose "Presets" then "Save All Backdrops" and save the cfg file where you prefer.

Saving the orc backdrop preset

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